Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Bar Hill Skate Park Consultation Update

Just a fairly quick update on the output from the Skate Park consultation day on the 29th March - apologies for the time this has taken to write!

The day started off fairly well with myself, Cllr Sue Jenkins (Bar Hill PC Vice Chair), and Cllr Anna Saunders setting up the room with the examples from the four Skate Park companies that had provided us something to present; Canvas, Clever Curves, Rampmental, and Wheelscape.

We have PDF's from each of the companies, if you are interested in more detail drop me an email.

The day started off quite, the displays from the various companies had paper and pens by them so people could jot down their comments on the displays, and people just got to walk around asking us questions as they went or just writing their comments onto the paper.

Here's a summary of the comments for each of the designs;
- The bowl could work
- Maybe the one with the dirt track
- Pre-fab metal can be done right
- Wood is best but need repairing
- Happy with concrete
- User friendly for skateboards BMX and scooters
- Looks good, got to be at least 6ft though!

There were lots of comments - and trust me that just because I've not listed your comment on here in the summary doesn't mean it's not being considered - but near the end of the day people started drawing together various parts from various designs and sketching out what they wanted.

One of the concerns that was raised was that the existing orientation of the park meant that when people used the ramps they had the sun directly in their eyes. There were also concerns about the "blind spot" at the back of the park so we ended up with this design (with a plea for no ramps with surface metal!);

The sketch shows the skate park swung around 90 degrees and built at the back of the existing hard standing area.

What it also shows is a 6ft and 4ft ramps, the detail for these was drawn on an additional sheet;

In addition to the designs for the two ramps (plus the jump box) you'll see the signatures of the people who supported it plus a general note that the preferred materials were a wooden surface with a metal frame (this is the design favoured by Rampmental).

All in all it was a good day, there were lots of discussion around the plans for the skate park and a phenomenal amount of support for what we (Sue, Anna, Anthony and myself), with your help, are trying to achieve.