Friday, 11 April 2014

Cambridge Park and Ride Charging by Cllr Sebastian Kindersley

There has been some coverage in the press over the last few months regarding the introduction of a charging regime for vehicles using the sites.  Park and Ride is important for many people in getting to Cambridge City centre.

Whilst County Councillors, when making the decision, made it clear they would prefer to keep the sites free, given the financial challenges facing the Council and the fact that the sites cost £1m a year to run, they felt this is the right way forward. All vehicles parking at any of the 5 Park & Ride sites in Cambridge will have a 1 hour free period.

This will enable people to drop-off and pick-up for free, to allow for customers of the John Lewis distribution centre based at Trumpington to pick up their purchases for free, and for the parents to drop and pick up their children at the sites for the various Kiss & Ride school minibus services.  Any vehicles staying for more than 1 hour will be liable for a £1 charge.

This ticket will be purchased from ticket machines outside the main buildings on the sites.  The ticket can be purchased at the same time as a ticket for bus travel bus and does not need to be displayed in the vehicle. The £1 ticket will allow for the parking of one vehicle for up to 18 hours.