Monday, 28 April 2014

eCops: Police Crime Alert 28/04/2014

The police wish to make us aware that there has been a "spike" in burglaries in our villages that appears to be continuing.

Please remember to lock everything up and to take every possible precaution with your belongings, including house, shed and car keys, whether items are stored in the home or in sheds or garages.

It has been noticeable in this spike of crime that much has gone from un secured or easily prised open buildings! These are professional criminals, they have the gear to access anything that is even a little vulnerable.

Please also think to look out of your windows during the evening and at night as a matter of course and to call the police if anything concerns you. We may "get lucky". It has happened before to success.

Please circulate this message.

Thank you all,

regards Polly