Monday, 14 April 2014

Lib Dems Continue Tackling City Challenges As They Launch Manifesto

Cambridge Liberal Democrats launch their election manifesto tomorrow (Saturday, April 12) with a promise to continue tackling the city’s challenges to ensure everyone has a stake in its success.

Cambridge Liberal Democrat Leader, Tim Bick said: "The Liberal Democrat City Council is leading Cambridge through a remarkable period of success. Success inevitably brings challenges of its own and we have put in place compelling strategies to address them too. We are asking residents to enable us to carry them through." 

He said that the party had shown it can deliver for the city through:
  • the bold City Deal which brings £500,000,000 extra investment to transport infrastructure, enabling new homes and tackling congestion
  • the local plan which provides more housing with more demanding requirements for affordable homes, while protecting the city's character and setting
  • plans to build up to 2,000 new council homes
  • adopting and committing to extend the Living Wage
  • starting a programme to regenerate local centres around the city
  • ambition for Cambridge by bringing the Tour de France to town, boosting cycling and the local economy
  • setting a financial plan enabling public services to survive and improve despite cutbacks from central government
  • agreement with surrounding councils for more joined-up decision making.
Faced with a firm lead, our opposition on the Council has been indecisive or lukewarm or remarkably slow to the party," said Cllr Bick.“We are tackling the real challenges Cambridge has: for more and better places for people to live; to ensure everyone has a stake in the city's success; to keep Cambridge moving; to protect our unique quality of life and to provide excellent and improving key services at a time when public money is hard to find.” 

They have made a number of new commitments including:
  • a new incentive plan for solid wall insulation, targeting the private rented sector and conservation areas
  • advancing proposals for a new Park and Ride site near the Girton interchange
  • a new Business Partnership post to help closer working with local employers
  • expansion of kerbside recycling to include textiles and more plastic packaging. 
“We are fighting for our liberal vision of Cambridge which is successful, inclusive, at ease with itself, looking after the less fortunate; a city council which provides leadership but is open, serves residents well while empowering those who can, to help themselves too - and works for the future, “ he added.