Friday, 11 April 2014

News from Cambridge MP Julian Huppert

Getting a taste for local business

Yesterday I brought a taste of Cambridge to Westminster when I met with local brewers The Milton Brewery, whose ale is guest starring in Strangers’ Bar in the House of Commons. It was great to hear more about their work and sample some of their finest ale which you can find in one of their five Cambridge pubs. They are also a great example of a local brewery stepping in to save pubs at risk of permanent closure. The Haymakers in East Chesterton is a perfect example where, along with great support from Cllr Ian Manning, they were able to buy the pub and save it from the hands of developers.  We’ve managed to get the government to stop the increases in beer duty - and even to cut it - so I hope The Milton Brewery and other local and independent brewers will continue to flourish.

Commission for Physical Activity

I have been sitting on The Commission for Physical Activity for the last four months, and on Tuesday we delivered our report to Downing Street. The report highlights how the Government can help Britain get fit and stay healthy. In drafting the report we spoke to experts and took a lot of evidence, all of which feeds into the final product which is now published. Having spoken to both Helen Grant and Jane Ellison, the Minister for Sport and the Minister for Public Health, I know they are on board and I will be making sure momentum is not lost on this.