Saturday, 12 April 2014

Questions For County Councillor John Reynolds @ BH Parish Council Meeting

Cllr Reynolds has sent me (in common with all other Councillors) his monthly report. Based on it, here's the list of questions I'd asked him for the next Parish Council meeting;

  • The City Deal which I had the privilege of watching Nick Clegg announce during his visit to Cambridge speaks of up to 500m for the Greater Cambridge area. This is a significant investment and I was wondering whether Parish Councils like Bar Hill will be able to apply for any of these funds?
  • Regarding Connecting Cambridgeshire, 70 business means that with total public investment of up to 23m the average cost of connecting one business has, so far, been around 330k. How are you measuring value for money for this project?
  • Regarding Highways Capital projects. What was the total value of all schemes requested? And what value approved?
  • What's the web address for the street lighting website?
  • Better Bus Area Fund (BBAF) might be an appropriate place to get funding to install Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) at the bus stop at Tesco? How do we apply for this funding