Friday, 16 May 2014

Cambridge MP Newsletter: Local and European Elections, Give & Gain Day and Norman Lamb visits Cambridge

Local and European ElectionsThis coming Thursday sees critical local and European elections. These matter immensely, and there are a lot of tight races coming up. We’re defending our leadership of the City Council, where in 14 years we have substantially improved how it runs, and have a lot of excellent candidates. In the European elections, the last MEP seat is likely to be a close race between us winning our first seat and UKIP getting an extra one - please help us get Andrew Duff back, for an open, tolerant, liberal Britain.

I’ve been working hard on the elections, and we’ve had lots of other volunteers, including people coming out to help for the first time. But we do need more help - if you have any time between now and the end of Thursday, please do give us a hand - email and we can let you know what you can do to help.

Give and Gain DayThis morning my office and I took a couple of hours away from our desks to help out at Wintercomfort, a local charity that supports those who are homeless or are at risk of becoming so in Cambridge. [what you did] We did our bit as part of Give & Gain Day which is a great celebration of the power and potential of employee volunteering. It was great to see so many well know companies taking part in Cambridge and it was a reminder of how many deserving charity initiatives we have on our doorstep. Volunteering couldn't be easier and a couple of hours here and there can really go a long way, check for opportunities near you.

The European debateThis evening I’ll be speaking at a Cambridge University panel discussion on Europe. The European elections are right around the corner now and it is important we get our message out on Europe loud and clear. The Lib Dems are the party of IN and the only ones brave enough to stand up and say yes we are pro-European because we are pro-Britain – pro-British jobs, pro-British trade and pro-Britain taking its role as a leader in Europe and the World. I’ll be making this case at the debate tonight and on the doorsteps in the run up to the elections. We should be proud of what Lib Dem MEPs have achieved for us in Europe – lower data roaming charges, action on climate change and a better fisheries policy to name but a few. We now need to help them keep their seats so they can continue delivering on policies that are best for Britain.

Lib Dem Minister Norman Lamb hits Cambridge streetsIt was a pleasure having Norman Lamb out canvassing with us this Wednesday and gave our team a real boost. We also managed to fit in a really constructive visit to Alzheimer’s Research UK, where Norman learned more about the details of the fight against dementia. The Lib Dems and Norman in particular have taken the lead in Government making mental health a priority. We've already taken some very important steps to achieve parity between mental and physical health care, you can read more about that here, but there is a long way to go. The Closing the Gap policy paper lists 25 priorities for change which will make a significant difference to mental health provisions in this country and create the fairer society we all want to see.

Good luck to Cambridge UnitedOn Sunday, Cambridge United are at Wembley, playing for a long-awaited promotion back into the Football League. This season has been excellent, with the U’s winning the FA Trophy and the National Game Awards Team of the Year, as well as coming second in the Conference Premier division. Let’s hope the season ends with a triumph!