Monday, 19 May 2014

Lib Dems Flat Out For Victory: Andrew Duff Will Stop UKIP

The choice on Thursday in the European Parliamentary elections in the East of England is between re-electing Andrew Duff or having a third UKIP MEP.

In a message to supporters today, Andrew says:-

'This weekend's opinion polls were all over the place, but it is clear from our intensive campaigning efforts over the last weeks that the effective choice in this election is between having a Lib Dem or yet another UKIP MEP.

'The East of England thrives on its European roots and engagement. Leaving the EU, as UKIP wants, would be a disaster for our jobs, science and agriculture - but it would also make us meaner and isolated. Too many Tories are marching to the beat of UKIP's drum - and nobody can have much faith in Mr Cameron's famed 'renegotiation'. Labour is strangely quiet on EU matters, and the Greens are unsound on economic recovery.

'I want Britain to become part of the solution to Europe's common problems, and not, as now, to be always part of the problem.'

Norman Lamb, MP for North Norfolk and Health Minister, adds:

'A Lib Dem vote on Thursday will keep in the European Parliament somebody who by his record is known for his commitment to the deep democratic reform of the EU and to working hard for the interests of the East of England.

'The alternative to the re-election of Andrew Duff is almost certain to be that of a third UKIP MEP. This would be incredibly damaging to Britain's position on the world stage.'