Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Sustrans: Campaign For Safer Streats

The sustrans organisation has just launched it's new campaign ahead of the elections manifesto's being produced by the political parties for the 2015 general election (yes, I know, we're not even though this election cycle yet but it's never too early! ... Apparently).

The key element of this campaign is improving safety for children during the school run. The website with more information is available here;


I've taken the opportunity to contact Andrew Lansley MP (our MP here in South Cambs) and I'd encourage you to do the same.

With the upcoming A14 upgrade it's vital that money is put into improving the cycle route between here and Swavesey (our catchment secondary school) so that it becomes a viable option for people to use. This will require additional funding from (preferably) central Government to and if we want to see something in the manifesto's of the main parties now's the time to contact them.

There's a "Write to your MP now" link on the webpage above so it's incredibly easy. Just remember to include your full address so they know where to respond to!