Saturday, 14 June 2014

eCops: General Area Crime Update

Between June the 9th at 19:00, and June the 10th at 04:05, a theft took place in Trafalgar Way, Bar Hill. Perpetrator(s) have broken in to a lorry parked overnight in the Industrial Estate area and have removed 5 full pallets of boxed alcohol.

Between June the 10th at 16:00, and June the 11th at 08:00, a theft took place in Hollytrees, Bar Hill. Perpetrator(s) have stolen two bay plants from the front garden of a property in the area.

On June the 11th at approximately 03:25, a theft took place in Foxhollow, Bar Hill. Perpetrator(s) have stolen a large ornamental plant and pot form the front garden of a property.

On June the 12th between 15:20 and 18:20 a theft of pedal cycle took place in Pheasant Rise, Bar Hill. Mountain gent’s cycle was left on the side of the property leaning against the shed. At stated date and times cycle was taken.

On June the 9th at approximately 2020hrs there was a report of arson in the wooded area opposite Appletrees, Bar Hill.  When fire brigade arrived, they spoke to a gentleman who had been walking his dog, he said that he had seen smoke and went to investigate; two young children between the ages of 8-10 (a boy and a girl) were seen running away from the area.  A collection of small twigs had been gathered at the bottom of the tree.

If you have any information to assist with the above crime reports, please get in touch by calling 101 or simply just reply to this e-mail.

On Wednesday June the 11th I was on patrol in Bar Hill and come across a lorry parked on the roundabout in Saxon Way.  As I pulled over, drive returned from Tesco and stated that he had run out the driving hours, driver was dealt with accordingly.

Safer Neighbourhood Team