Sunday, 15 June 2014

Liberal Democrats: Opportunities for Everyone

Nick made a speech on Monday June 9 entitled ‘Opportunities for Everyone’ – to launch our Summer Campaign.

Ultimately we believe that the job of government is to enable people to realise their own potential. As Liberal Democrats we are innately optimistic about people.

We don’t write off anyone and we don’t think that politicians and governments know best. It's in the DNA of all liberals.

On the Economy:Two rules will underpin how the party wants the economy to be run over the course of the next Parliament and beyond.

Firstly, the Liberal Democrats are committed to finishing the job we’ve started and to eliminating the structural deficit by 2017/18. We will abide by a new debt rule in which we will significantly reduce national debt as a percentage of GDP year-on-year when growth is positive.

Secondly, we will balance the overall budget but do it in a way which still allows investment in the things present and future generations need. The Government will be able to invest in infrastructure that generates economic growth with a particular emphasis on investment to combat Britain’s chronic lack of housing.

The plans contrast with the ideological commitment of the Conservatives to an ever-shrinking state and to Labour’s reckless borrowing.

On the Party:Liberal Democrats need to do more to take on the critics who claim that, in Coalition, we have lost our soul. We are not and will never be a split the difference party and are not interested in coalition at any cost. Liberal Democrats are in Government to deliver a more liberal Britain.

On the Summer Campaign:The Summer Campaign will outline the Liberal Democrats’ record of delivery in Government with a promise of more. The campaign will also champion what the Liberal Democrats have achieved in Government while also outlining the party’s key manifesto commitments for 2015 in a series of announcements.