Friday, 25 July 2014

Cambridge MP Celebrates British Growth As GDP Figures Surge

In a double-whammy of good news Britain has been hailed by the International Monetary Fund as having the fastest growing advanced economy in the world, and had the latest new GDP figures show substantial economic growth. GDP figures released this morning (Friday, 25 July) by the Treasury show solid quarterly growth of 0.8% putting Britain's economy back to the position it was in before the crisis hit in 2008.

Speaking this morning Julian said, “It is fantastic that the economy is doing well, and that we are outperforming the rest of the major economies in the world. Unemployment in Cambridge is down very substantially - it’s now less than half of what it was when Labour left government. Youth unemployment is even lower - about a third of what it was, and the same is true for long-term unemployment. This is excellent news for many people, who are now finding the jobs they want.

“Cambridge avoided the worst of the economic crisis, but it is good to see the rest of the country coming through so well. It shows that many of the decisions we had to make have paid off. As the economy continues to improve, I hope that more people will find the employment and careers they want.”