Monday, 28 July 2014

eCops: Can You Help Give Victims The Justice They Deserve?

As part of the Police and Crime Commissioner’s consultation ahead of the introduction of the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 later this year, we're asking you to take a couple of minutes to complete a short survey.

The new act comes into force fully in October, bringing with it sweeping changes aimed at ensuring those responsible for dealing with anti-social behaviour are putting the needs of victims first.

Among the changes, in future a ‘Community Remedy’ will give victims a say in the out-of-court punishment of offenders through a list of ‘options’ that can be chosen from. These options must reflect the effects on the victim by having either a punitive element, achieving financial or other amends for the victim, addressing the causes of the perpetrator’s behaviour, or a combination of these.

In addition to giving victims a voice, the remedy will offer offenders an alternative to going to court and getting a criminal record with the aim of ultimately reducing re-offending.

Before the options are finally decided upon and listed in the Community Remedy document, we are consulting with members of the public, community representatives and local authorities to find out their views, so we invite you all to take part in this consultation.

Further information about Community Remedy and a link to the questionnaire are below.

Kind regards,
Lauren Alexander