Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Labour Say 'Non' To Lasting Tour Legacy

Liberal Democrat calls for a lasting legacy for cycling in Cambridgeshire from the Tour De France were voted down today by Labour councillors - including the County Council's own 'Cycling Champion', Noel Kavanagh.

The Lib Dem group at the County Council attempted to amend a motion giving council staff a pat on the back for their work in organising the Tour, to include specific commitments to create a lasting legacy for cycling.

Cllr Ian Manning's amendment singled out completion of the Chisholm Trail cycle route by 2020 and incorporation of the recommendations of the Make Space for Cycling publication as two improvements he wanted to see.

But Labour, UKIP and Conservative councillors refused even to debate to amendment, and ganged up to vote against the proposals before councillors had a chance to make their case.

Lib Dem councillor Ian Manning commented "It is important to thank all the staff and volunteers who worked so hard to bring about this fantastic event. But surely we should be looking to create a lasting legacy – improving safety for pedestrians and cyclists should be top of the agenda for a City like Cambridge.”

The fight continues on Thursday as City Liberal Democrats put a similar set of proposals forward to the City Council's meeting.

Cllr Rod Cantrill, proposing said: “The County Labour groups' response to Ian's motion was disappointing.

Labour City Councillors need to stand up to their County colleagues, and tell them that, in siding with the Tories and UKIP, they were wrong. On Thursday they should vote with us to create a lasting legacy for Le Tour.”

City MP, Julian Huppert, who has championed cycling in Parliament, commented: “It is disappointing to see Labour, the Tories and UKIP unite to block the Full Council from supporting the much-needed Chisholm Trail and from even discussing the excellent 'Making Space for Cycling' report, written in Cambridge, and widely supported. It shows that whatever words they may choose to use, they do not actually want to see action to make cycling safer and easier.“