Saturday, 19 July 2014

Use of Community Remedies - Cambridgeshire Police Survey

Sir Graham Bright the Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner for Cambridgeshire is currently running a survey on his website seeking views on the use of "Community Remedies" by the police for low-level crime.

The survey is available here;

From the website here are some example of Community Remedies;

  • where two children carried out a minor assault on another child the offender gave a verbal and written apology and had to litter pick for four hours;
  • an adult who caused damage to a wooden gate gave the victim a written apology and paid for repairs to the gate;
  • two children who had verbally abused a shop manager having attempted to steal low value items were made to clean shopping trolleys and attend educational input on the impact of racial abuse;
  • an adult caught shoplifting from a major retailer where the items recovered were of low value  collected shopping trolleys from the retailer’s car park and surrounding area.

In all of these cases these were first time offenders, who showed remorse and where the victim had been fully involved in the decision making in terms of the suitability of the options.