Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Cambridge Carbon Footprint: August Update

With lots of people off enjoying their holidays in August, it's a pretty quiet month here at CCF. We're settling into our new accommodation (read below for news on our office move) and making plans for our program of events from Autumn through to 2015. (Many thanks to everyone who attended our AGM on July 17. Your feedback on was invaluable to our planning.)

We do have one event happening in August though, and a pretty exciting one if we do say so ourselves! It's called Remade Heaven, and will transform a corner of the Burleigh Street Oxfam shop into a demonstration of the best of second-hand style, with lots of activities and performances including artist interventions, comedy improvisations and up-cycling workshops. We're working in partnership with Up t'Arts on this and think it should be a great event! More details (including dates) below.

As it's quiet, we'll be skipping our mid-month August newsletter. But do keep an eye on your in boxes for our September newsletter, where we'll be giving you a full update on Open Eco Homes 2014 and the 5 following home energy events!

  • Remade Heaven 
  • Open Eco Homes 
  • Open Eco Homes seeks volunteers 
  • Cutting Fossil Fuels 
  • Eco-Coaching 
  • CCF 2013 Annual Report now available 
  • We've moved! 

1. Remade Heaven

August 18-31, Oxfam Burleigh Street

Cambridge Carbon Footprint and Up t'Arts are partnering this summer to organise Remade Heaven. From 18th-31st August, part of the Oxfam shop in Burleigh St will be transformed into a beautiful second-hand room setting. This room will furnished and decorated using accessories borrowed from a variety of second hand outlets in Cambridge, plus up-cycled and re-purposed artworks and furniture from local artist-makers.

At the same time, there’ll be artist interventions, comedy improvisation, singing and up-cycling workshops. Check out the Remade Heaven facebook page for further information. No booking required.

2. Open Eco Homes

14th and 20th September, various locations around Cambridge

Eighteen Cambridge-area low-energy homes are open on 2 days for booked visits:

Householders will show how they save on energy, bills and carbon emissions. See what energy-saving measures suit your home: from low-cost & DIY through to big projects. Most of the open homes are older properties that have been improved, or works-in-progress, some using the Cambridgeshire Solid Wall Insulation Fund.

See full information on our Open Eco Homes Website.

3. Open Eco Homes seeks volunteers

Open Eco Homes is a popular annual CCF event for the public to visit and be inspired by local low-energy homes of all descriptions. This is the 5th year and 18 Cambridge homes will be open on 14th /20th September. We are now seeking friendly volunteers for the following tasks and occasions:
Office-based publicity support - May include printing, photocopying, sorting brochures for distribution and online publicity. 2-6 hours/wk during office hours, preferably on Wednesdays and/or Fridays throughout August. 

You be part of our team, getting experience of how events like this are organised.
Delivering brochures and posters around town - Can be done at flexible times during mid-August in an area near you, depending on where you live.

Stewarding at one of the open homes (mainly Cambridge-based) - Between 10.15am-4.30pm on 14th and/or 20th September. Contact Amy for locations.

Interested in one of these roles? Contact Amy Ross, or phone 01223 301842.

4. Cutting Fossil Fuels

The World Council of Churches, representing over half a billion Christians worldwide, has just pulled all its fossil fuel investments. This followed the UN climate chief, Christiana Figueres, describing (in St Pauls Cathedral) how action on climate action is a moral issue for our time. A new study shows that much of the investment needed for renewables could come from switching the $500 billion annual government fossil fuel subsidies. Do you have investments you could switch - or maybe your pension fund can?

CCF works to cut fossil-fuel use and one important way is by making our homes energy-efficient; so it’s disappointing that the government has effectively abandoned its pledge to make all new homes "zero-carbon" by 2016. And that their Green Deal Home Improvement Fund has unexpectedly closed, amid worries of fraud.

In Cambridgeshire we still have the similar Solid Wall Insulation Fund, offering grants of up to £6,000 per property. If you have an older, solid-wall home, it’s well worth looking into. We’ll feature examples among 18 low-energy homes open for informative and inspiring visits on the 14th and 20th September in this year’s Open Eco Homes.

5. Eco-Coaching

A one-to-one session with an eco coach can help you make make a real difference to you carbon footprint – and it only takes an hour. One of our trained eco coaches will meet you – in your home, if that suits – and talk through your particular carbon dilemma. We will listen, support and encourage – never judge. We’ll also provide you with lots of useful resources.

You might want to
  • work out your travel carbon footprint 
  • identify the main causes of food waste in your home 
  • learn more about the environmental impact of the weekly food shop 
  • understand what a carbon-friendly wardrobe might look like 
If you do, talk to us. You can expect a lively, though-provoking discussion, leading to a personal action plan that works for you.

If you would like free and personal advice on reducing your carbon footprint then book an eco coaching session. Just email your name and topic selection (travel, food waste, clothing or food production) to

6. CCF 2013 Annual Report now available

We estimate that in 2013 CCF saved 793 tonnes of CO2, reached over 1377 new people, and benefited from 5849 hours of volunteer time. To read more surprising statistics and get all the details on our activities throughout 2013 have a look at the newly released 2013 CCF Annual Report.

Our thanks again to CCF’s many volunteers, supporters and funders, without whom our great range of activities would not be possible.

7. We've moved!

CCF have moved offices. If you'd like to drop by the office (we have energy monitors and great books and DVDs to borrow) please note our new address:

The Wharf
Hooper Street

It’s the last building on Hooper Street at the railway end and is accessible by foot or bicycle from Mill Rd. We’re located on the top floor of this building, with lift access. Check out our website for a map and full directions (including public transport and cars).