Friday, 5 September 2014

Cambridge MP backs campaign to save wildlife with a Vote for Bob

MP Julian Huppert has backed a petition calling for action to save the country’s disappearing wildlife.

Julian has added his name to the Vote for Bob campaign being run by the RSPB to flag up concerns over the declining numbers of plants and animals.

Since 1977 house sparrow numbers have dropped by 64 per cent, 60 per cent of plans and animals are in decline and hedgehog numbers have halved in the past 25 years.

On Wednesday, Julian spoke at the RSPB’s ’State of Nature’ conference, which also heard from David Attenborough, Nick Clegg and others.

And tomorrow (Saturday, September 6) Julian will take part in a Vision for Nature, a youth conservation conference, at Cambridge University’s Department of Engineering to discuss nature conservation and how politicians can help.

The conference is being organised by the group, A Focus on Nature and Julian will join a panel of politicians to debate “What Colour is Nature? The political stripes of nature conservation” and answer questions.

He said: “Decisions on the future of our planet are probably the most important decisions long-term that we will ever have to make. If we get them wrong, they could have catastrophic implications for future generations for centuries to come and change the face of our world forever.”

In a bid to protect the environment, the Lib Dems have written into their election manifesto plans to introduce five new Bills.

These Bills would address the real threats facing the environment and set out to improve energy efficiency and heat saving standards in all homes, introduce a decarbonisation target for electricity generation and put real focus on green transport among others. They would set legal targets for biodiversity, clean air and clean water and a clear action plan to reduce waste.

“We are the only major party that puts tackling climate change and protecting the environment at the heart of everything we do because we know how crucial it is to get this right,” said Julian.

“I would urge everyone who cares about our environment to find out more about the Vote for Bob campaign and sign the petition before we lose even more of our native species of wildlife.”