Monday, 15 September 2014

eCops: Introducing Sergeant Mark Rabel 15-Sep-2014

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Police Sergeant Mark Rabel based at Histon Station and have responsibility for the Histon Panel area – which embraces your village. I’ve been in post now for about 3 months. For your information I live in this area and have three kids – the two youngest attend local schools. What happens in this area – also affects me – I have a vested interest in your village!

South Cambridgeshire continues to enjoy a status of being a safe place to live and work. Our biggest crime problem continues to be burglaries with an average of one a day being committed throughout the area. Sounds a lot? Our geographic patch is approximately 350 square miles – it’s a massive area to patrol. A typical MO is that a window is smashed with an untidy search of the house before people make off with small valuables. Its an awful experience for the victim of such a crime with a feeling of violation and the cost of replacing stolen items, repairing windows and changing locks. Awful. In the last several weeks we have apprehended and charged 8 individuals with burglary – interestingly all bar one of these thieves lived outside South Cambridgeshire – suggesting that our area is targeted by criminals. Preventing burglary and catching offenders remains our top local priority.

You can help by keeping vigilant for suspicious activity in your area and calling 999 if you feel something is amiss. Statistically there are very few successful burglaries where there is a working alarm system fitted. If you want advice in relation to the security of your property call your local Officer who will be only too happy to help and provide a free security survey.

The summers months are almost gone and we have had relatively little disorder in comparison to the same time last year. We were actively engaged in conducting summertime patrols in the green spaces in your area. Pretty well all events / carnivals have been without major incident.

Our next Panel meeting (where your local priorities are set) takes place on the 15th October at the Orchard Park Primary School and starts at 7.00pm for a 7.30pm start. The meeting usually finishes by 9.00pm and is your chance to meet your local Officers, get a more specific update in relation to Police activities in your area and ask questions or just observe. You are invited and very welcome to attend. For those that already know me I am also happy to talk about cricket!