Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Unlock Democracy: William Hague is deciding the future of the UK

Over 7000 people have now signed our petition for a Constitutional Convention! The call for a Constitutional Convention is building momentum. Party leaders have heard the call with Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband, Caroline Lucas and Nigel Farage giving their support. It is time to step up the campaign.

A committee of cabinet ministers, chaired by William Hague, is still trying to reach a deal on what should happen next. And we want them to recommend a Constitutional Convention. We are working with the Electoral Reform Society to keep up the pressure. We have joined forces with 27 organisations and experts to write to William Hague. Will you join us in telling William Hague’s committee that when it comes to deciding the future of the UK, citizens must take the lead?

Take Action: Write to William Hague

Our letter asks William Hague’s Committee to back a Constitutional Convention that meets five key criteria.

  • UK-wide: the Convention should involve the people of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales
  • People-led: a majority of the Convention participants should be randomly selected from the population, in a way which represents the UK as a whole
  • Focused on where power lies: the Convention should focus on deciding the balance of powers between the Westminster Government and our nations, regions, localities and people
  • Nations and regions recognised: the main Convention should be informed by discussions at a regional and national level, involving people from every section of society
  • Binding: there must be mechanisms in place – including a binding referendum – for ensuring that decisions made by the Convention are acted upon

The future of the UK shouldn’t be decided behind closed doors. We have a real opportunity to shape the discussion. We believe every UK citizen should have a say in how their country is governed. Please join the thousands people taking action and calling for a Constitutional Convention.

Best wishes,

Emily Randall

Senior Campaigner, Unlock Democracy

P.S. If you also receive similar emails from Electoral Reform Society, we thought you might like to know that we are working with them on this action.