Monday, 3 November 2014

Hospital sister Viki keeps street lights on for workers

Cambridge’s Addenbrooke’s Hospital sister, Viki Sanders has helped to keep the street lights on around the hospital after canvassing staff.

Viki, who is standing for election to Cambridge City Council in the upcoming Queen Edith’s by-election, found that some staff were concerned about plans by Cambridgeshire County Council to turn off the lights to save money.

They were worried about the prospect of increased crime or the opportunity for potential attackers to hide in the shadows.

Cambridgeshire County Councillor, Amanda Taylor, who represents Queen Ediths, took the survey results to the council’s highways committee and succeeded in keeping the lights on.

Viki said: “Some people were genuinely worried about leaving or arriving at the hospital in the dark and walking through dark streets.

“Staff obviously work different shift patterns and have to use the streets between midnight and 6am when the lights would have gone out and streets are often deserted. They were concerned that turning off the lights could make them vulnerable to crime.”

Viki carried out her survey at Cambridge University Hospitals Foundation Trust after it was proposed the street lights should be turned off between midnight and 6am and lights dimmed at other times by up to 70 per cent.

She added: “It is fair to say that we had mixed responses with some people being practical about the changes and saying they could carry torches. But I was concerned that some were genuinely unhappy about the proposal and that we should act.”