Friday, 23 January 2015

Puppy law changes

Pet lovers need to be aware of a change in law making it illegal to import puppies less than 15 weeks old.

On 29 December last year the change in law took effect to stop puppies being imported in the UK if less than 15 weeks old. This also includes imports from Southern Ireland.

All imported puppies must be accompanied by a pet passport showing that it is microchipped, has been vaccinated against Rabies at no earlier than 12 weeks of age and has been treated against tapeworm.

Puppies still need to wait a period of 21 days after a Rabies vaccination before they can travel from an EU country. Any puppy found to be in breach of these rules will be put into quarantine at the owner’s expense.

If you wish to report illegally imported puppies please contact or phone 01954 284619.