Tuesday, 3 February 2015

County Council By-election - Introducing Fiona Whelan

Our Liberal Democrat candidate for the by election on February 12th for the County Council will be Fiona Whelan. Fiona is currently a Parish Councillor in Caldecote and a former County Councillor for the Hardwick Division. She lives within a mile of the division boundary.

Fiona stood down in 2013 to help her son through his GCSE exams, but with that (successfully) behind her, she’s willing to take up the challenge again!

“I’m a committed campaigner,” says Fiona, “and I don’t like to take no for an answer. I believe it’s really important to work closely with Parish Councils over key issues and ensure that the City Deal
includes appropriate benefits for surrounding villages. It is important that we don’t just suffer the consequences of Cambridge’s growth, but that we also gain from it!”

Fiona is well aware of how the County Council works and was the Liberal Democrat Group
Leader and Leader of the Opposition during her previous period on the council. Fiona would be able to bring her knowledge and experience to bear in helping local residents.