Friday, 27 March 2015

eCops: Crime Prevention Advice For Your Home

We have noticed  a small increase of burglaries in the Histon sector, please may I ask that all residents be extra vigilant and to report any suspicious people or vehicles that are seen in your village.See below for crime prevention advice.

  • Ensure that perimeter fences/ hedges are in a good state of repair. The recommended height for rear boundaries is 1.8m (6ft); you can also use trellis to increase the height of existing fences or walls. Use thorny shrubs as barriers and to fill in gaps in hedges. Plant prickly/ thorny shrubs along the bottom of fences or walls to increase security.
  • Garden gates should be the same height and as strong as your fence or wall, fit strong locks to gates such as a padlock or press bolt on the inside gate. 
  • Any bushes or shrubs in a front garden need to be well maintained and kept below 1m in height to allow for natural surveillance.
  • Do not lave tools out in the garden; they may be used to break into your home. Keep them locked in a shed, garage or outside store. Ladders should be locked away or securely chained and padlocked to a strong post or wall. Secure garden furniture using anchoring devices.  These can also be used to protect items such as ornamental trees.
  • Install outside security lighting which will come on automatically. If you have a burglar alarm fitted why not extend it to cover outbuildings and sheds?
  • Consider using gravel for paths on driveways and under windows and doors as it is loud underfoot
  • Take photographs of valuable items such as statues/ ornaments. Consider using a property coding or registration system, such as Immobilise which is a free online system. 
  • Check that your household insurance policy covers theft from your garden and outbuildings.

Kind Regards
Safer Neighbourhood Team