Friday, 10 April 2015

Candidates for Parliamentary and District Council elections

The candidates seeking election as South Cambridgeshire’s next MP along with those standing for South Cambridgeshire District Council have been announced after the deadline for nominations closed.

Residents will head to the polls on Thursday 7 May to elect their next MP along with councillors for a third of the seats on the District Council – 19 in total.

To make sure residents can have their say in the elections, they are also being reminded to make sure they are registered to vote. If you still need to register to vote please visit the Electoral Commission’s website – the deadline is Monday 20 April.

Postal and proxy applications can also be printed from the Electoral Commission’s website, or by calling the District Council’s elections team on 03450 455 214. Postal vote applications must be received before 5pm on Tuesday 21 April, and proxy applications before 5pm on Tuesday 28 April.

Parish Councils in Barton, Coton, Foxton and Hardwick will also be holding elections and information about who is standing can be found on the District Council’s website

Parliamentary candidates for the South Cambridgeshire Constituency:

Allen, Heidi Suzanne - The Conservative Party Candidate
Greef, Dan - Labour Party
Kindersley, Sebastian Gerald Molesworth - Liberal Democrat
Mason, Marion Ann - UK Independence Party (UKIP)
Saggers, Simon Peter - Green Party

District Council candidates:

Batchelor, John Dennis - Liberal Democrats
Buxton, Imogen - Labour Party
Crane, Ellie - Green Party
Turner, Richard Michael - The Conservative Party Candidate

Bar Hill
Delderfield, Clare - Liberal Democrat
Green, Helene Yvette - UK Independence Party (UKIP)
Hall, Roger - The Conservative Party Candidate
Roland, Claudia - The Green Party
Smith, Alexander - Labour Party

Burkitt, Francis William Miles - The Conservative Party Candidate
Gomori, Anna - The Green Party
Shepherd, Janet - Labour Party

Clayton, Gavin John Lawson - Labour Party
O`Brien, Des - The Conservative Party Candidate
Pitcaithly, Marcus - The Green Party

Margetts, Andrew John - The Green Party
Scott, Tim - The Conservative Party Candidate
Shepherd, John Samuel - Labour Party
Tattersall, Annette - Liberal Democrat

Coe, Colin Cyril - The Green Party
Gymer, Richard William - Liberal Democrat
Heaver, Eric - UK Independence Party (UKIP)
McCormack, Mark John - Labour Party
Wotherspoon, Timothy John - The Conservative Party Candidate

Bohme, Wendy - The Green Party
Martin, Mick - The Conservative Party Candidate
Prince, Jean Ellen - Labour Party
Young, Peter Nicholas - Liberal Democrat

Fowlmere and Foxton
Evans, Paul - The Green Party
McMillan, Mark Daniel - The Conservative Party Candidate
Merritt, David John - Labour Party
Roberts, Deborah Patricia - Independent

Charrot, Rosie Ndiuza - Labour Party
Cone, Graham David - The Conservative Party Candidate
Ranken, John - Green Party
Scarr, Neil John - Independent
Williams, Nancy Louise - Liberal Democrats

Atkinson, Nigel John - Liberal Democrat
Chamberlain, Grenville James - The Conservative Party Candidate
Crowther, Norman Alexander - Labour Party
Rankin, Clare Jane - The Green Party
Webster, Joe - UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Histon and Impington
Cahn, Aga - Labour Party
Cotterell, Darren Paul - Green Party
Cross, Christopher John - The Conservative Party Candidate
Macaulay, Yemi - Liberal Democrats

Smith, Christine Linda - The Conservative Party Candidate
Smith, Hazel Marion - Liberal Democrats
Wilson, John James - UK Independence Party (UKIP)
Wood, Alison - Labour Party

Orwell and Barrington
Sharp, Ian - The Conservative Party Candidate
Smith, David Stephen - The Green Party
Stone, Turlough Francis - Labour Party
Van De Weyer, Aidan Thomas - Liberal Democrat

Papworth and Elsworth
Clements, Gaynor - The Green Party
Hersom, Mark Peter - Liberal Democrat
Patrick, Angela Mary - Labour Party
Wright, Nick - The Conservative Party Candidate

Bard, David Roy - The Conservative Party Candidate
Berridge, Sophi - The Green Party
Toner, Mark - Labour Party

Fisher, Oliver Edward - The Green Party
Herbert, Elizabeth Gemmell - Labour Party
Hunt, Caroline Anne - The Conservative Party Candidate
Platt, Barry John - Liberal Democrats

The Abingtons
Fiddes, Barnaby Daniel - Labour Party
Orgee, Tony - The Conservative Party Candidate
Skottowe, Timothy - UK Independence Party (UKIP)

The Shelfords and Stapleford
Fane, Peter - Liberal Democrat
Nettleton, Mike - Labour Party
Whitebread, Linda Jane - The Green Party
Whiteman-Downes, David - The Conservative Party Candidate

Willingham and Over
Burling, Brian Roy - The Conservative Party Candidate
Hale, Martin - UK Independence Party (UKIP)
Lee, Tom - Liberal Democrats
Monks, Ben - Labour Party
Stocks, Helen - Green Party