Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Lib Dems fear for the future of the NHS following Addenbrooke's announcement

Cambridgeshire Liberal Democrats have expressed their “grave fears” for the future of the NHS following the shock news that Cambridge’s Addenbrooke’s and Rosie Hospitals have been put in special measures.

They claim the plans by the Tory Government to cap public sector pay at one per cent for the next five years will only add to the problems of the country’s straining health service.

Lucy Nethsingha, Cambridgeshire Liberal Democrat Leader and a member of Cambridgeshire County Council’s Health and Well-being Board said: “The news that these hospitals have been put in special measures is a shock but has not come as a complete surprise.

“We do not expect our fantastic hospitals to be failing to deliver the highest quality of care. But the hospital management has been telling people of its immense difficulties in recruiting staff for many months.”

She said in the spring the management told the county’s health committee that they were attempting to recruit nursing staff from Spain and Portugal to help ease the staffing crisis.

“Staff have been doing their best to fill the gaps, but the strain shows and other staff leave because of the pressure put on them by high levels of vacancies,” she said. “The announcement by George Osbourne in the Budget in July that all public sector pay would be capped at one per cent for the next five years will only make this problem worse.

“I have grave fears for the ability of our whole health and care system to cope through the next parliament.”