Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Tories accused of selling out vulnerable in favour of super rich

Leading Cambridge Liberal Democrats have accused the Tory Government of selling out millions of vulnerable people in order to give tax cuts to the super rich.

Party Chair, Dr Spencer Hagard and County Lib Dem Leader, Lucy Nethsingha told the party’s Autumn Conference that elderly and long-term disabled people will have to sell their homes and face financial ruin after the Tories backed out of a cap on care costs.

They accused Prime Minister David Cameron and Chancellor, George Osborne of breaking their cast iron pledge in their election manifesto to implement the much-awaited recommendations of the Dilnot Report.

Their call to the Tories to implement the report next April as planned and funded by the last coalition government was backed by an overwhelming majority at the conference.

Under a new system proposed in the report people receiving free support from the state would continue to do so. Also a £72,000 cap would be put on the maximum lifetime costs everyone would face for elderly care protecting a larger amount of people’s assets and allowing them to plan for the future.

But the Tories have mothballed the plan for at least five years claiming it could lead to a collapse in services.

Dr Hagard told the Bournemouth conference: “Cameron and Osborne make a cast iron pledge in their election manifesto to stop elderly and long-term disabled people from having to sell their homes to pay for the care that keeps them alive.

“Now they have contemptuously and cynically betrayed millions of ordinary families in order to give tax cuts to the super rich.”

He said later: “Implementing the Dinot proposals – as promised - would have resolved this huge unfairness.”

Cllr Nethsingha said: "The current system where patients who suffer from diseases like cancer or heart disease receive free NHS care, but those who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer's have to pay for their own care with families facing financial ruin is appallingly unfair.

“It is disgraceful that George Osborne has chosen to abandon these families desperately in need of support in favour of tax breaks for those with one and two million pound houses."